WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Wisconsin, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Helen E  17 Jul 1892Wisconsin, USA I5852
2 ?, Katherine  1 Apr 1883Wisconsin, USA I14391
3 Aleckson, Helen  1864Wisconsin, USA I20197
4 Allen, Edith G  1886Wisconsin, USA I2637
5 Allen, Gladys  1896Wisconsin, USA I2639
6 Allen, Jessie W  1884Wisconsin, USA I2636
7 Allen, Leta M  1887Wisconsin, USA I2638
8 Barnes, Minnie  Jul 1875Wisconsin, USA I29384
9 Bergfors, Arthur  1889Wisconsin, USA I15998
10 Bergfors, Arthur  1889Wisconsin, USA I29392
11 Brill, Whitton  15 Nov 1921Wisconsin, USA I18776
12 Butts, Eva C  1887Wisconsin, USA I18770
13 Clouston, Catrina N  1883Wisconsin, USA I19664
14 Clouston, Ralph  1863Wisconsin, USA I16615
15 Clouston, Thomas  Jan 1878Wisconsin, USA I16626
16 Conklin, Rachel  26 Jul 1891Wisconsin, USA I16705
17 Farrington, Jessie B  1868Wisconsin, USA I2634
18 Kinney, Clara Lucile  26 Dec 1891Wisconsin, USA I447
19 Leith, James  1857Wisconsin, USA I16994
20 Leith, John  1858Wisconsin, USA I16990
21 Leith, Margaret Ann  1856Wisconsin, USA I16975
22 Leith, Peter  1861Wisconsin, USA I16974
23 Leith, Robert  1865Wisconsin, USA I16992
24 Leith, Samuel  1869Wisconsin, USA I16993
25 Leith, Thomas  1864Wisconsin, USA I16991
26 Lindsley, Charles W  1855Wisconsin, USA I29620
27 Lyons, Marguerite l  1855Wisconsin, USA I22454
28 Malcolmson, Caroline  11 Mar 1886Wisconsin, USA I16289
29 Nelles, Maggie  1858Wisconsin, USA I13177
30 Schroeder, Gustave E  20 Jul 1872Wisconsin, USA I19436
31 Sibbett, Ellard Louis  10 May 1896Wisconsin, USA I22212
32 Whitten, Walter H  1872Wisconsin, USA I13096
33 Whitton, Alven Charles  8 May 1905Wisconsin, USA I25256
34 Whitton, Betsey  1842Wisconsin, USA I16594
35 Whitton, Charles Wm  29 Mar 1880Wisconsin, USA I13179
36 Whitton, Ellen  1851Wisconsin, USA I13176
37 Whitton, Francis  10 Mar 1855Wisconsin, USA I19211
38 Whitton, George  Nov 1847Wisconsin, USA I16596
39 Whitton, George T  1862Wisconsin, USA I13207
40 Whitton, Grace  1878Wisconsin, USA I13178
41 Whitton, Grace  1878Wisconsin, USA I30046
42 Whitton, James  1853Wisconsin, USA I13174
43 Whitton, Jennet  1844Wisconsin, USA I16595
44 Whitton, Jennie Blake  1858Wisconsin, USA I13172
45 Whitton, Margaret Croft  31 Mar 1864Wisconsin, USA I3253
46 Whitton, Marvin Francis  3 Aug 1900Wisconsin, USA I12609
47 Whitton, William  May 1850Wisconsin, USA I13168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Amy P  Wisconsin, USA I15994
2 Bernhoeft, Hulda  5 Aug 1932Wisconsin, USA I12612
3 Brill, Grace  28 Jun 2004Wisconsin, USA I18773
4 Shallcross, James  18 Dec 1964Wisconsin, USA I18760
5 Whitton, Alven Charles  24 Aug 1905Wisconsin, USA I25256
6 Whitton, Amanda L  21 Jun 2009Wisconsin, USA I29940
7 Whitton, James  7 May 1948Wisconsin, USA I455


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Orcott / Whitton  21 Oct 1927Wisconsin, USA F5636
2 Whitton / Cunningham  15 Jul 1933Wisconsin, USA F5634