WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Walls and Flotta, Orkney



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bruce, Catherine Helen  1864Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17548
2 Bruce, Donald  Abt 1860Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17523
3 Bruce, George  1870Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17540
4 Bruce, George Sangster  19 Nov 1831Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17521
5 Bruce, Isabell  15 Dec 1799Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17537
6 Bruce, John  7 Jun 1825Walls and Flotta, Orkney I9144
7 Bruce, Robert Carr  15 Feb 1833Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17522
8 Bruce, Susanna  1866Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17549
9 Bruce, Susanna Lees  27 Sep 1829Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17520
10 Jobson, Marion Jessie Rae  4 Feb 1855Walls and Flotta, Orkney I19565
11 Malcolmson, Hugh  1877Walls and Flotta, Orkney I19831
12 Mowat, Ann  24 Oct 1844Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6821
13 Mowat, Catherine Norquoy  24 Sep 1849Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6818
14 Mowat, George  11 Oct 1808Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6815
15 Mowat, Helen  3 Jul 1840Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6816
16 Mowat, Jane McKay Sutherland  26 Nov 1842Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6817
17 Mowat, Magnus  1 Jun 1836Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6820
18 Mowat, Margaret  19 Nov 1834Walls and Flotta, Orkney I6819
19 Murrell, Josephine  1900Walls and Flotta, Orkney I7301
20 Ross, Charlotte  1849Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17542
21 Ross, James  1856Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17543
22 Ross, Susanna  1859Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17544
23 Sangster, Elizabeth Bremner  11 Oct 1810Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17525
24 Sangster, George  14 Nov 1812Walls and Flotta, Orkney I15404
25 Sangster, William  19 Jan 1816Walls and Flotta, Orkney I17524
26 Sutherland, Jean Gorn  10 Aug 1877Walls and Flotta, Orkney I15784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1941Walls and Flotta, Orkney I2697
2 Johnston, George Shearer  1884Walls and Flotta, Orkney I3236
3 Malcolmson, Hugh  14 Jun 1902Walls and Flotta, Orkney I19831
4 Stout, John  1853Walls and Flotta, Orkney I2698
5 Stout, Mary Alice  5 May 1940Walls and Flotta, Orkney I7846


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bruce / Corrigall  13 May 1855Walls and Flotta, Orkney F6378
2 Bruce / Corrigill  13 May 1855Walls and Flotta, Orkney F3598
3 Oman / Robertson  16 Apr 1836Walls and Flotta, Orkney F1933
4 Omond / Groat  10 Jan 1861Walls and Flotta, Orkney F6426
5 Omond / Moar  14 Dec 1841Walls and Flotta, Orkney F1930
6 Omond / Smith  25 Dec 1829Walls and Flotta, Orkney F296