WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aylward, John Wellington  17 Aug 1913Toronto, Ontario, Canada I21495
2 De Harte, William Lewis Berne  1 May 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada I566
3 Gray, Elsie Isobel  30 Nov 1884Toronto, Ontario, Canada I9705
4 Irvine, John Newton William  Nov 1851Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13570
5 Lennox, Agnes  13 Mar 1914Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23360
6 Lennox, Robert  11 Jul 1912Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23356
7 Lennox, William Everett  25 Mar 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23381
8 Liscumb, Victor Francis  10 Feb 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I5609
9 Malcolmson, Marjory  1895Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16175
10 McIntosh, Margaret Alice  1887Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11286
11 Ritch, Alistair Frank Gray  19 Dec 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I9706
12 Scott, Mauddie Chisholm  1878Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16199
13 Sebastian, Georgina  25 Oct 1857Toronto, Ontario, Canada I5325
14 Taylor, Brenda Eva  1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23357
15 Whitton, Alfred John  3 Aug 1954Toronto, Ontario, Canada I25031
16 Whitton, Donald Richard  29 Jul 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I31540
17 Whitton, Elva Beatrice  21 Jan 1931Toronto, Ontario, Canada I15143
18 Whitton, Jennie Jean Barclay  12 Sep 1869Toronto, Ontario, Canada I140
19 Whitton, Mary  21 Jul 1934Toronto, Ontario, Canada I17681
20 Whitton, William  12 Aug 1871Toronto, Ontario, Canada I141
21 Winchell, Joseph Richard  19 Oct 1949Toronto, Ontario, Canada I21499


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrowman, Jeanie  21 May 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23368
2 Buchan, Alberta Duthie  5 Sep 1972Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11234
3 Carr, Matilda  15 Dec 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13034
4 Clancey, Margaret Gilpin  26 May 1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I18816
5 Davidson, Jane (Jean)  1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I2295
6 Horhota, Marjan H  17 Jun 2007Toronto, Ontario, Canada I7173
7 King, Gerrard Aubry  30 Jun 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I17607
8 Lancaster, Isabel B  17 Mar 1981Toronto, Ontario, Canada I14292
9 Leger-Barter, Patricia Spencer Churchill St  2004Toronto, Ontario, Canada I831
10 Lennox, Agnes  1 Apr 2000Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23360
11 Lennox, Alexander Barrowman  1971Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23365
12 Lennox, Bill  5 Aug 1990Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23366
13 Lennox, Hugh  27 Apr 1974Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23364
14 Lennox, James  1939Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23367
15 Lennox, Johan McLeay  7 Oct 1941Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23373
16 Lennox, Margaret Semple  1988Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23362
17 Milne, Ethel May  20 Aug 1966Toronto, Ontario, Canada I21035
18 Mowat, William  9 Jan 1969Toronto, Ontario, Canada I7117
19 Munro, Emily Brenda  23 Oct 1939Toronto, Ontario, Canada I17606
20 Munro, George Granville Gower  6 Jun 1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I12356
21 Ritch, Edward Andrew  1 Sep 1946Toronto, Ontario, Canada I563
22 Rixen, Robert Gault  2 Jul 1990Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13274
23 Sutherland, Henry John  12 Oct 1955Toronto, Ontario, Canada I2291
24 Taylor, Henry  7 Feb 1962Toronto, Ontario, Canada I23379
25 Whitton, Agnes Ramsay  25 Mar 2004Toronto, Ontario, Canada I9884
26 Whitton, Alexander  21 Aug 1897Toronto, Ontario, Canada I144
27 Whitton, Andrew  23 Jan 1878Toronto, Ontario, Canada I142
28 Whitton, Craig Robert  25 Jun 2000Toronto, Ontario, Canada I835
29 Whitton, Eliane Francis  21 Nov 2010Toronto, Ontario, Canada I834
30 Whitton, Euphemia Wilson Mclean  3 May 1984Toronto, Ontario, Canada I25703
31 Whitton, James  24 Dec 1969Toronto, Ontario, Canada I9052
32 Whitton, James Cadzow  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I2147
33 Whitton, Mabel Gertrude  18 Apr 1972Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13237
34 Whitton, Marjory Josephine  13 Nov 2013Toronto, Ontario, Canada I22451
35 Whitton, Shirley Janet  17 Jan 2012Toronto, Ontario, Canada I7602
36 Whitton, Violet Isabella  19 May 1978Toronto, Ontario, Canada I13235
37 Wilson, May  Aft 1949Toronto, Ontario, Canada I4644
38 Wise, Mildred Bertha  13 Oct 1984Toronto, Ontario, Canada I564


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Wilson  26 Jan 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada F36
2 De Harte / Ritch  1 Oct 1945Toronto, Ontario, Canada F330
3 Spotswood / Whitton  24 Jan 1907Toronto, Ontario, Canada F6022
4 Thomson / Scrgeour  22 Nov 1929Toronto, Ontario, Canada F4046