WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Tenterfield, NSW, Australia



Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whitton, ?  1863Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20497
2 Whitton, ?  1884Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I22617
3 Whitton, Amy Harriett  1872Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20445
4 Whitton, Edwin Walter  1875Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20174
5 Whitton, Elizabeth  1864Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I22623
6 Whitton, Ella Avice  16 Oct 1888Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20491
7 Whitton, Emmeline Alice  1877Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I22620
8 Whitton, Ethel Mary  1881Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20443
9 Whitton, Frederick J  1865Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20446
10 Whitton, Harriett  1867Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I22622
11 Whitton, Harriett  1877Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20471
12 Whitton, James  1866Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20490
13 Whitton, John  1872Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20468
14 Whitton, Joseph Henry  1878Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20472
15 Whitton, Joseph Samuel  1880Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I18221
16 Whitton, Joseph Samuel  1880Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I38491
17 Whitton, Luke  1874Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20469
18 Whitton, Maria  1887Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20475
19 Whitton, Marion  15 Nov 1869Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I18554
20 Whitton, Mildred Frances  1886Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I22618
21 Whitton, Ruby Myra  1892Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20488
22 Whitton, Sarah Jane  1872Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20486
23 Whitton, Walter Charles  1882Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Whitton, ?  1863Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20497
2 Whitton, ?  1884Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I22617
3 Whitton, Edwin Walter  27 Nov 1943Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20174
4 Whitton, Harriett  1965Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20471
5 Whitton, Helen  1960Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I21759
6 Whitton, James  1866Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20490
7 Whitton, John  1914Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20498
8 Whitton, John  1931Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20597
9 Whitton, Joseph Henry  1931Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20472
10 Whitton, Luke  11 Sep 1919Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20466
11 Whitton, Polly  1886Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20474
12 Whitton, Sidney Albert  1885Tenterfield, NSW, Australia I20499