WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

St Andrew, Dundee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Mary Hogg  16 Jun 1877St Andrew, Dundee I19085
2 Harvey, John Carden  11 Oct 1880St Andrew, Dundee I8412
3 Harvey, Mary Carden  23 May 1833St Andrew, Dundee I11280
4 Whitton, Adamina  1899St Andrew, Dundee I7054
5 Whitton, Barbara Murray  1895St Andrew, Dundee I7099
6 Whitton, Beatrice Hurle  1931St Andrew, Dundee I10187
7 Whitton, Beatrice Tilleray  1885St Andrew, Dundee I7100
8 Whitton, Blanche Barbara  26 Mar 1900St Andrew, Dundee I2565
9 Whitton, David Johnston  Sep 1895St Andrew, Dundee I5798
10 Whitton, Davina Middleton  1931St Andrew, Dundee I10188
11 Whitton, Elizabeth Burgess  Mar 1887St Andrew, Dundee I2560
12 Whitton, Elizabeth McGlashan  1912St Andrew, Dundee I7495
13 Whitton, Ernest  24 Nov 1904St Andrew, Dundee I5324
14 Whitton, Florence Grace  21 Feb 1927St Andrew, Dundee I11758
15 Whitton, Gordon Stewart  31 May 1896St Andrew, Dundee I3526
16 Whitton, Grace Duncan  1893St Andrew, Dundee I3593
17 Whitton, Helen Scott  12 Feb 1903St Andrew, Dundee I9512
18 Whitton, Isabella Smart Low  1893St Andrew, Dundee I3797
19 Whitton, James  16 Jan 1930St Andrew, Dundee I5035
20 Whitton, Josephine Moore  1929St Andrew, Dundee I10182
21 Whitton, Lily  1890St Andrew, Dundee I2561
22 Whitton, Mabel  1906St Andrew, Dundee I9096
23 Whitton, Mary  1900St Andrew, Dundee I3616
24 Whitton, Nellie Mudie  1924St Andrew, Dundee I10303
25 Whitton, Olive Hurle Reid  1930St Andrew, Dundee I10186
26 Whitton, Ronald Reid  14 Sep 1932St Andrew, Dundee I5356
27 Whitton, Thomas  21 Dec 1920St Andrew, Dundee I807
28 Whitton, Thomas  1932St Andrew, Dundee I2455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Erskine, Janet  1907St Andrew, Dundee I11652
2 Lennox, Ann Creasey  1874St Andrew, Dundee I2554
3 Lennox, Elizabeth Petrie  1870St Andrew, Dundee I2550
4 Thomson, Amelia  1880St Andrew, Dundee I876
5 Whitton, Christain  1896St Andrew, Dundee I9088
6 Whitton, Christina  1888St Andrew, Dundee I1685
7 Whitton, James Ireland  1878St Andrew, Dundee I2843
8 Whitton, Margaret  2 May 1891St Andrew, Dundee I1857
9 Whitton, Sarah  1881St Andrew, Dundee I6956
10 Whitton, Sarah  1894St Andrew, Dundee I9083
11 Whitton, William  6 Jun 1875St Andrew, Dundee I1926
12 Wright, Elizabeth Bird  1940St Andrew, Dundee I15589


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brady / Whitton  1895St Andrew, Dundee F1165
2 Cruickshank / Anderson  2 Jan 1899St Andrew, Dundee F7853
3 Harvey / Whitton  5 Apr 1907St Andrew, Dundee F4123
4 Lennox / Wilson  1909St Andrew, Dundee F6898
5 McBride / Whitton  1914St Andrew, Dundee F2249
6 Smith / Whitton  1930St Andrew, Dundee F4142
7 Sweeny / Whitton  1911St Andrew, Dundee F1227
8 Weir / Whitton  1919St Andrew, Dundee F986