WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Salt Lake City, Utah



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crockett, John Lorenzo  17 Aug 1929Salt Lake City, Utah I23341
2 Hanson, Mary  18 Nov 1860Salt Lake City, Utah I5756
3 Hanson, William Johnston  24 May 1879Salt Lake City, Utah I14565
4 Lee, Martin Luther  1887Salt Lake City, Utah I10109
5 Lundberg, Erma Marie  7 May 1925Salt Lake City, Utah I17035
6 Merrill, Annie Hyde  2 Nov 1902Salt Lake City, Utah I26670
7 Rich, Orian Kenneth  2 Feb 1915Salt Lake City, Utah I6051
8 Sinclair, Catherine  4 Jan 1859Salt Lake City, Utah I10112
9 Sinclair, Jane  3 Sep 1870Salt Lake City, Utah I24547
10 Sinclair, Peter Joseph  23 Oct 1857Salt Lake City, Utah I10111
11 Wayman, Jill Alicia  12 Apr 1935Salt lake City, Utah I23682
12 Wimmer, Rebecca  1 Nov 1850Salt Lake City, Utah I14703
13 Wright, Claude Sheets  14 Mar 1889Salt Lake City, Utah I22696
14 Wright, David Claude  31 May 1915Salt Lake City, Utah I10107
15 Young, Alta Rae  23 Feb 1891Salt Lake City, Utah I10052
16 Young, Elmer Howe  3 Oct 1911Salt Lake City, Utah I10105
17 Young, Leo Howe  9 Aug 1888Salt Lake City, Utah I10103


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burt, Annie Allan  30 Jun 1923Salt Lake City, Utah I15374
2 Burt, John  15 Dec 1926Salt Lake City, Utah I15380
3 Cook, Catherine Mansell  7 Jun 1871Salt Lake City, Utah I5552
4 Cooper, May  8 Jul 1984Salt Lake City, Utah I34104
5 Davies, Ada Lillian  16 Jun 2004Salt Lake City, Utah I2335
6 Jenkins, Amos Brooke  30 Nov 1959Salt Lake City, Utah I10110
7 Johnston, Oliver Budge  8 Aug 1993Salt Lake City, Utah I9766
8 Johnston, Thomas William  26 Mar 1997Salt Lake City, Utah I19468
9 Johnston, Valerie  29 Dec 2008Salt Lake City, Utah I20311
10 Newman, Delmont Urech  11 Aug 1980Salt lake City, Utah I2700
11 Rich, Orian Kenneth  9 Jan 2007Salt Lake City, Utah I6051
12 Sinclair, Emily Ann  7 Jul 1867Salt Lake City, Utah I24545
13 Sinclair, Jane  27 Jul 1871Salt Lake City, Utah I24547
14 Sinclair, Nellie  9 Apr 1953SAlt Lake City, Utah I10139
15 Sinclair, Peter Joseph  4 Sep 1867Salt Lake City, Utah I10111
16 Whitton, Robert Easco  3 May 2001Salt Lake City, Utah I31167
17 Whitton, Tiffany  21 Apr 1975Salt Lake City, Utah I38732
18 Winn, Mary Adonna  27 Oct 2013Salt Lake City, Utah I28266
19 Wright, Claude Sheets  13 Jan 1919Salt Lake City, Utah I22696
20 Wright, David Claude  21 Jul 1980Salt Lake City, Utah I10107
21 Young, Alta Rae  11 Apr 1982Salt Lake City, Utah I10052
22 Young, Leo Howe  13 Nov 1963Salt Lake City, Utah I10103


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Petersen / Hamilton  30 Jul 1928Salt lake City, Utah F12564
2 Robinson / Whitton  16 Dec 1949Salt Lake City, Utah F6509
3 Therning / Wayman  5 Jun 1912Salt Lake City, Utah F2414