WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Royal Infirmary, Dundee



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Annie Stark Whitton  13 Jan 1910Royal Infirmary, Dundee I9043
2 Bogue, Jane L  22 Feb 1934Royal Infirmary, Dundee I1725
3 Chaplin, Elizabeth  22 Jan 1862Royal Infirmary, Dundee I2726
4 Cummings, James Joseph  19 Oct 1913Royal Infirmary, Dundee I16314
5 Dye, John  21 Jul 1938Royal Infirmary, Dundee I4530
6 Key, Harry Dalton  31 Dec 1961Royal Infirmary, Dundee I16034
7 Kinnear, Margaret  3 May 1952Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3688
8 Lambeth, John  20 Nov 1928Royal Infirmary, Dundee I17126
9 Logie, Georgina Mitchell  9 Jul 1974Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6449
10 Ogilvy, Helen  15 Nov 1956Royal Infirmary, Dundee I4501
11 Oram, Mary F H  25 May 1938Royal Infirmary, Dundee I4519
12 Peggie, Isabella  29 Dec 1915Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3595
13 Robertson, James Whitton  24 Jul 1938Royal Infirmary, Dundee I16805
14 Whitton, Charles  11 Jan 1971Royal Infirmary, Dundee I5298
15 Whitton, Christina  1882Royal Infirmary, Dundee I1125
16 Whitton, Christina  13 May 1893Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3562
17 Whitton, David  2 Nov 1861Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6963
18 Whitton, David Peters  14 May 1960Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3606
19 Whitton, Elizabeth Soutar  4 May 1944Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3768
20 Whitton, Georgina Air Smart  22 Apr 1957Royal Infirmary, Dundee I2092
21 Whitton, Harry  24 Feb 1951Royal Infirmary, Dundee I180
22 Whitton, Helen  5 Apr 1931Royal Infirmary, Dundee I1730
23 Whitton, Isabella Knox  15 Oct 1937Royal Infirmary, Dundee I8488
24 Whitton, James  9 Aug 1915Royal Infirmary, Dundee I1009
25 Whitton, James  14 Feb 1922Royal Infirmary, Dundee I1807
26 Whitton, Jane Leighton Ruthven  27 Oct 1914Royal Infirmary, Dundee I522
27 Whitton, Jane Martin  21 Jan 1919Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6884
28 Whitton, John  16 Jan 1878Royal Infirmary, Dundee I314
29 Whitton, John  16 Sep 1932Royal Infirmary, Dundee I1566
30 Whitton, John  26 Jun 1964Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3588
31 Whitton, Katherine Milne  10 Aug 1952Royal Infirmary, Dundee I3911
32 Whitton, Lena Dinkle  21 Aug 1924Royal Infirmary, Dundee I8368
33 Whitton, Lizzie Ann Robertson  13 Jul 1946Royal Infirmary, Dundee I8415
34 Whitton, Marjory  5 Jul 1866Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6251
35 Whitton, Robert  18 Feb 1959Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6679
36 Whitton, Ronald George  5 Mar 1975Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6472
37 Whitton, Thomas Hayter  23 Sep 1974Royal Infirmary, Dundee I6473