WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Ninewells Hospital, Dundee



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Susan Findlay  17 Nov 2011Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I433
2 Cameron, Robina Johnston  26 Aug 1975Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I17887
3 Conway, Agnes Shorthouse Henderson  28 Jan 2011Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I498
4 Davidson, Jemima Chalmers  3 Feb 2011Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I5172
5 Johnston, Margaret Elizabeth  10 Apr 1997Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I7407
6 Mills, Muriel Jane Menzies  28 Oct 2014Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I4587
7 Petrie, Helen  8 Jun 2015Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I4737
8 Rennie, William John Whitton  2 Feb 1993Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I17773
9 Robertson, George  1 Sep 2015Ninewells hospital, Dundee I11985
10 Ward, Peter  23 Dec 1981Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I6478
11 Whitton, Alistair David Wilson  13 Apr 2017Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I5497
12 Whitton, Beatrice Hurle  30 Oct 2015Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I10187
13 Whitton, David Forbes  1 Jan 2014Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I4857
14 Whitton, Elizabeth Smith  13 Dec 1997Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I11349
15 Whitton, Emily Basset  23 Jun 1996Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I8353
16 Whitton, George McIntosh Alastair  15 Feb 2010Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I5332
17 Whitton, Georgina Culross  1991Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I10301
18 Whitton, Georgina Mudie Moore  28 Jan 2011Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I11695
19 Whitton, Helen Lawrie  3 Jul 2014Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I8347
20 Whitton, James  26 Dec 1996Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I4277
21 Whitton, Jemima Brown  19 Feb 1974Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I10413
22 Whitton, Lizzie  1983Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I3739
23 Whitton, Margaret Fielding  6 Jul 1983Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I3909
24 Whitton, Margaret Lindsay Herald  9 Oct 1992Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I10380
25 Whitton, William Ruthven  8 May 2009Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I5338
26 Wilkie, Isabella Ferguson  11 Oct 1998Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I4445
27 Wilson, Margaret  1 Aug 2001Ninewells Hospital, Dundee I6453