WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Lily  1886New Zealand I20116 My Relatives 
2 Cantwell, Bryan John  9 Oct 1925New Zealand I17850 Whitton 
3 Cantwell, Harry Francis  22 Oct 1918New Zealand I16202 Whitton 
4 Cantwell, Philip Michael  3 Apr 1935New Zealand I16200 Whitton 
5 Cantwell, William Garth  2 Feb 1923New Zealand I16204 Whitton 
6 Clouston, Falcon Nelson  1914New Zealand I16955 My Relatives 
7 Coombe, John Howard  27 Jul 1913New Zealand I18349 My Relatives 
8 Coventry, Donald William Carmichael  19 Aug 1899New Zealand I21928 My Relatives 
9 Cribb, Raima  5 Oct 1921New Zealand I22922 My Relatives 
10 Dean, Harry Arthur  28 Dec 1893New Zealand I22564 My Relatives 
11 Grieve, Alexander  29 Dec 1899New Zealand I23499 My Relatives 
12 Grieve, James  10 Jul 1895New Zealand I23500 My Relatives 
13 Grieve, William  1904New Zealand I23501 My Relatives 
14 Hannah, Jean Catherine  Abt 1928New Zealand I28114 Whitton 
15 Henderson, George  1841New Zealand I16002 Whitton 
16 Hourston, Bessie Isabella  1897New Zealand I6186 Ritch 
17 Hourston, Elizabeth Annie  1890New Zealand I6183 Ritch 
18 Hourston, Henry David  1892New Zealand I6187 Ritch 
19 Hourston, Jane Charlotte  1895New Zealand I6185 Ritch 
20 Hourston, John  1885New Zealand I6182 Ritch 
21 Hussey, Alick Garfield  8 Aug 1904New Zealand I10055 My Relatives 
22 Ireland, Mary Rattray  25 Nov 1910New Zealand I15049 Whitton 
23 Johnston, Ian  1897New Zealand I24287 My Relatives 
24 Linklater, Maywick  1892New Zealand I21344 My Relatives 
25 Lyon, Clarence  1904New Zealand I16866 My Relatives 
26 Lyon, Edmund  Abt 1905New Zealand I16867 My Relatives 
27 Lyon, Hector  1912New Zealand I16868 My Relatives 
28 Maberly, Harold Ernest  1896New Zealand I22205 Whitton 
29 Nash, Barbara Ann  1932New Zealand I21920 Whitton 
30 Nelosn, Jimmie  Abt 1890New Zealand I6153 Ritch 
31 Ritch, Barbara J  1918New Zealand I5522 Ritch 
32 Ritch, Jack Desmond  17 Aug 1919New Zealand I5546 Ritch 
33 Ritch, Nelson Peter Smith  1917New Zealand I5479 Ritch 
34 Smith, Vera  20 May 1892New Zealand I3128 Ritch 
35 Swan, Agnes Mary  1 May 1902New Zealand I26012 Whitton 
36 Swan, Helen Susan  20 May 1911New Zealand I26015 Whitton 
37 Swan, James Carnegie  2 Aug 1913New Zealand I26016 Whitton 
38 Swan, Janet Roger  13 Jul 1904New Zealand I26013 Whitton 
39 Swan, Jessie Ogilvie  2 Jul 1897New Zealand I26011 Whitton 
40 Swan, William James  1900New Zealand I26010 Whitton 
41 Thomson, John  1888New Zealand I8389 My Relatives 
42 Thomson, Neil  1891New Zealand I19818 My Relatives 
43 Thomson, Thomas James  1880New Zealand I587 My Relatives 
44 Vallange, Ronald  1896New Zealand I19975 My Relatives 
45 Whitton, Alexander James  30 Nov 1915New Zealand I18077 Whitton 
46 Whitton, David Victor  1917New Zealand I634 My Relatives 
47 Whitton, Ellen Jessie  1894New Zealand I24827 Whitton 
48 Whitton, James Charles Baxter  1913New Zealand I18037 Whitton 
49 Whitton, Marjorie Joyce  1886New Zealand I14338 Whitton 
50 Whitton, Steven Charles  1971New Zealand I20686 Whitton 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Cayti Penelope  12 Apr 2008New Zealand I27293 Whitton 
2 ?, Elizabeth  Aft 1954New Zealand I29252 Whitton 
3 Anderson, Elizabeth Mary  12 May 1951New Zealand I17308 My Relatives 
4 Anderson, Gideon  19 Apr 1947New Zealand I8015 My Relatives 
5 Anderson, Robina  4 Jun 1922New Zealand I17309 My Relatives 
6 Barry, Donald Joseph  15 Aug 1989New Zealand I609 My Relatives 
7 Bryant, Clara Cossentine  2001New Zealand I38359 Whitton 
8 Bryant, Stanley  1952New Zealand I38358 Whitton 
9 Cantwell, Bryan John  9 Jul 1995New Zealand I17850 Whitton 
10 Cantwell, Harry Francis  26 Nov 1985New Zealand I16202 Whitton 
11 Cantwell, Philip Michael  20 Oct 1999New Zealand I16200 Whitton 
12 Cantwell, William Garth  2003New Zealand I16204 Whitton 
13 Checkley, Eric Percival  1973New Zealand I10842 Whitton 
14 Coventry, Donald William Carmichael  19 Aug 1899New Zealand I21928 My Relatives 
15 Davidson, Amy Margaret  1961New Zealand I18030 Whitton 
16 Eastwood, ?  New Zealand I24060 Whitton 
17 Eastwood, Joseph  New Zealand I24061 Whitton 
18 Hagenson, Frank  21 Jun 1972New Zealand I24828 Whitton 
19 Hagenson, Leslie Frank  13 Sep 2008New Zealand I24832 Whitton 
20 Hourston, Henry David  1986New Zealand I6187 Ritch 
21 Hourston, William  1940New Zealand I6175 Ritch 
22 Hussey, Alick Garfield  22 Jan 1986New Zealand I10055 My Relatives 
23 Keywood, Ernest A  22 Nov 1937New Zealand I18068 My Relatives 
24 Linklater, Raewyn  28 Mar 2015New Zealand I21320 My Relatives 
25 Maclean, Donald Archibald  1945New Zealand I596 My Relatives 
26 Mazengarb, Ellen Maywick  2005New Zealand I21350 My Relatives 
27 Mitchell, John Selwyn  1996New Zealand I18018 My Relatives 
28 Muir, Agnes  UNKNOWNNew Zealand I4570 My Relatives 
29 Pennant, Muriel Cameron  New Zealand I7106 Ritch 
30 Roberts, Alice Mary  2007New Zealand I19362 Whitton 
31 Scarth, David James Gillespie  8 Aug 1985New Zealand I12257 My Relatives 
32 Schlager, Thomas James Peter  24 May 1974New Zealand I26473 Whitton 
33 Scott, Catherine Milcah  12 Sep 1895New Zealand I21744 Whitton 
34 Short, Norman Whitton  Abt 1960New Zealand I9975 Whitton 
35 Swan, Helen Susan  7 Aug 1968New Zealand I26015 Whitton 
36 Swan, James Carnegie  1 Oct 1975New Zealand I26016 Whitton 
37 Swanson, Charles  1957New Zealand I4173 My Relatives 
38 Syms, Herbert Edward Thomas  1953New Zealand I23018 Whitton 
39 Vallange, Ailsa Eleanor Ormond  15 Mar 1955New Zealand I19970 My Relatives 
40 Vallange, Ronald  1937New Zealand I19975 My Relatives 
41 Waggener, Caroline Henrietta  1941New Zealand I6176 Ritch 
42 Whitton, Edith Eleanor  17 Feb 1943New Zealand I10860 Whitton 
43 Whitton, Elizabeth Annie  1989New Zealand I18006 Whitton 
44 Whitton, Gwendoline Dallon  1974New Zealand I10841 Whitton 
45 Whitton, James Charles Baxter  1988New Zealand I18037 Whitton 
46 Whitton, Marjorie Helen  3 Aug 1982New Zealand I16902 Whitton 
47 Whitton, Mary Elizabeth Joyce  1969New Zealand I16904 Whitton 
48 Whitton, Myrtle  1911New Zealand I18012 Whitton 
49 Whitton, Olive Ruth  1995New Zealand I18010 Whitton 
50 Whitton, Phylis May  1981New Zealand I18033 Whitton 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bryant / Whitton  1901New Zealand F8001 Whitton 
2 Chammen / Carroll  1933New Zealand F10518 Whitton 
3 Clouston / Garrett  1913New Zealand F8174 My Relatives 
4 Coombe / Pagan  1912New Zealand F5905 My Relatives 
5 Davidson / Grimshaw  1875New Zealand F7451 Whitton 
6 Gibson / Whitton  1890New Zealand F15260 Whitton 
7 Gillies / Linklater  1912New Zealand F7441 My Relatives 
8 Grieve / Knight  1929New Zealand F8093 My Relatives 
9 Harvey / Hourston  1922New Zealand F2312 Ritch 
10 Higgs / Linklater  1922New Zealand F7439 My Relatives 
11 Hollebon / Hourston  3 Jul 1912New Zealand F2309 Ritch 
12 Hourston / Tielle  1925New Zealand F2310 Ritch 
13 Hourston / Wilson  1922New Zealand F2313 Ritch 
14 Johnston / Ragg  1925New Zealand F8435 My Relatives 
15 Linklater / Weeks  10 Jan 1934New Zealand F6619 My Relatives 
16 Linklater / Windsor  1917New Zealand F7251 My Relatives 
17 Lyon / Garston  24 Mar 1876New Zealand F6061 My Relatives 
18 Matuschka / Whitton  13 Jun 1888New Zealand F15262 Whitton 
19 Nicolls / Whitton  1921New Zealand F7078 Whitton 
20 Parker / Whitton  1922New Zealand F7446 Whitton 
21 Pocklington / Whitton  1903New Zealand F7907 Whitton 
22 Ritch / Smith  Abt 1916New Zealand F952 Ritch 
23 Routhan / Eggleton  2 Oct 1879New Zealand F2315 My Relatives 
24 Sandilands / Roberts  1927New Zealand F7489 Whitton 
25 Sandilands / Whitton  1917New Zealand F7079 Whitton 
26 Scott / Godber  1921New Zealand F8273 My Relatives 
27 Sheddan / Whitton  1884New Zealand F15261 Whitton 
28 Simcox / Coventry  14 Jun 1939New Zealand F7939 My Relatives 
29 Simpson / Hourston  1916New Zealand F2311 Ritch 
30 Whitton / Clarke  1933New Zealand F7445 Whitton 
31 Whitton / McDonald  1892New Zealand F15508 Whitton 
32 Whitton / Williams  1901New Zealand F15509 Whitton