WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Longhope, Walls and Flotta



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Malcolmson, Alexander  1851Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16100
2 Malcolmson, Betsy  16 Apr 1830Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16150
3 Malcolmson, Catherine W  17 Aug 1837Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16107
4 Malcolmson, Emily Heddle  13 Aug 1837Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16157
5 Malcolmson, George Thornby  1850Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16105
6 Malcolmson, Henry Fiddler  1835Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16102
7 Malcolmson, Jane  19 May 1833Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16158
8 Malcolmson, Janet  1829Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16155
9 Malcolmson, Jess Sutherland  8 Mar 1827Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16152
10 Malcolmson, Jessie  1844Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16101
11 Malcolmson, John  12 Jun 1825Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16259
12 Malcolmson, John Sutherland  21 Jan 1826Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16151
13 Malcolmson, Samuel  12 Aug 1833Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16156
14 Malcolmson, Sutherland  20 Oct 1839Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16154
15 Omond, James  29 Jun 1833Longhope, Walls and Flotta I17681
16 Stout, Elizabeth Harriet  1893Longhope, Walls and Flotta I19832
17 Stout, James Anderson  25 Jan 1887Longhope, Walls and Flotta I19834
18 Stout, John Samuel  12 Jun 1882Longhope, Walls and Flotta I19835
19 Stout, Mary Ann  1880Longhope, Walls and Flotta I7835
20 Stout, Robina Alice  17 May 1891Longhope, Walls and Flotta I7740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harrold, Mary  25 Feb 1885Longhope, Walls and Flotta I9259
2 Malcolmson, Mary Ann  15 Mar 1916Longhope, Walls and Flotta I16344
3 Stout, James  27 Jan 1937Longhope, Walls and Flotta I2696


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Malcolmson / Chalmers  29 Jun 1841Longhope, Walls and Flotta F3520
2 Malcolmson / Fiddler  19 Dec 1833Longhope, Walls and Flotta F3773
3 Malcolmson / Sutherland  23 Oct 1824Longhope, Walls and Flotta F3518
4 Stout / Johnston  12 Apr 1850Longhope, Walls and Flotta F1385