WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bews, James Cumming  16 Feb 1831Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I23562
2 Fotheringham, Elizabeth  4 Aug 1811Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1784
3 Fotheringham, Henry  6 Aug 1817Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1782
4 Fotheringham, James  12 Apr 1803Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1780
5 Fotheringham, James Riddoch  11 Sep 1805Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1778
6 Fotheringham, John  9 Aug 1815Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1786
7 Fotheringham, Ralph  16 May 1813Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1785
8 Fotheringham, Thomas Traill  16 Aug 1821Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1781
9 Fotheringham, William Henry  11 Jan 1809Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1779
10 Kemp, John  1854Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I21818
11 Rae, William  1847Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I19905
12 Scarth, George William  1893Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I11851
13 Scarth, James Tait  12 Dec 1897Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I11850
14 Scarth, John  1895Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I11852
15 Scarth, Margaret Eleanor Balfour Robertson  1903Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I12261
16 Scarth, Robert  5 Jan 1799Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I11795
17 Tulloch, Catherine Jane Marshall  16 Nov 1874Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I2962
18 Tulloch, William  7 May 1867Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I2963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gillespie, Ann  1948Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I10363
2 Park, Barbara  1929Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I10973
3 Swanney, Bryce Halcrow  1958Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I1455
4 Tait, Mary Smith  1965Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney I4074


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boyd / Logie  1944Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F7731
2 Clouston / Hourie  1937Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F6152
3 Clouston / Stewart  12 Mar 1818Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F6189
4 Groat / Taylor  1898Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F2981
5 Harcus / Sabiston  1896Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F5495
6 Johnston / Pirie  1919Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F4007
7 Marwick / Lyon  1947Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F701
8 Pirie / Allan  1916Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F4099
9 Scarth / Linklater  22 Apr 1830Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F4599
10 Sclater / Gunn  1919Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F7814
11 Sinclair / Linklater  23 Jan 1823Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F1004
12 Smith / Ritch  26 Dec 1850Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F305
13 Swanney / Halcrow  1877Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney F642