WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Kirkwall and St Ola



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baikie, Jessie M  28 Mar 1863Kirkwall and St Ola I3723
2 Flett, Daniel  20 Mar 1863Kirkwall and St Ola I9946
3 Flett, Henry  25 Aug 1871Kirkwall and St Ola I9948
4 Flett, Mary  21 Feb 1858Kirkwall and St Ola I9945
5 Fotheringham, Annie F  1861Kirkwall and St Ola I1805
6 Fotheringham, Eliza J  1876Kirkwall and St Ola I1771
7 Fotheringham, Elizabeth Mary  31 May 1850Kirkwall and St Ola I1800
8 Fotheringham, George Dempster  19 Sep 1858Kirkwall and St Ola I1795
9 Fotheringham, George Shearer  5 Oct 1807Kirkwall and St Ola I1734
10 Fotheringham, James  15 May 1856Kirkwall and St Ola I1796
11 Fotheringham, James S  1880Kirkwall and St Ola I1773
12 Fotheringham, Joanne Dempster  12 Dec 1851Kirkwall and St Ola I1794
13 Fotheringham, Josephine  22 Jun 1854Kirkwall and St Ola I1798
14 Fotheringham, Mary  1 Aug 1848Kirkwall and St Ola I1799
15 Fotheringham, Ralph Robert  5 Jul 1866Kirkwall and St Ola I1793
16 Fotheringham, Robert Sinclair  10 Jun 1810Kirkwall and St Ola I1731
17 Fotheringham, Thomas  1878Kirkwall and St Ola I1772
18 Fotheringham, Williamina Henrietta  15 Sep 1863Kirkwall and St Ola I1797
19 Gray, Ann  17 Jul 1785Kirkwall and St Ola I19128
20 Halcrow, Jane  8 Sep 1839Kirkwall and St Ola I16741
21 Hourie, James  1777Kirkwall and St Ola I1908
22 Inkster, James  10 Dec 1869Kirkwall and St Ola I10418
23 Inkster, Susan  10 Dec 1869Kirkwall and St Ola I10419
24 Kemp, Brenda Morven  30 Jul 1924Kirkwall and St Ola I21817
25 Liddle, Margaret  1879Kirkwall and St Ola I19573
26 Pirie, Alexander Irvine  1881Kirkwall and St Ola I10490
27 Pirie, Alfred James  8 Apr 1885Kirkwall and St Ola I10491
28 Pirie, Andrew Mackay  29 May 1866Kirkwall and St Ola I10483
29 Pirie, Elsie Ella Dewar  1878Kirkwall and St Ola I10493
30 Pirie, John William  1889Kirkwall and St Ola I10492
31 Pirie, Mary Jane  1917Kirkwall and St Ola I10581
32 Pirie, Robert William  20 Jun 1863Kirkwall and St Ola I10482
33 Rae, Elizabeth Sinclair  1855Kirkwall and St Ola I10654
34 Rich, Alexander  4 Apr 1685Kirkwall and St Ola I2272
35 Rich, Barbara  2 Dec 1683Kirkwall and St Ola I2273
36 Rich, Edward  5 Aug 1748Kirkwall and St Ola I2288
37 Rich, Isabel  25 Jul 1769Kirkwall and St Ola I2296
38 Rich, James  31 Jul 1744Kirkwall and St Ola I2298
39 Rich, Thomas  20 Jun 1748Kirkwall and St Ola I2331
40 Ritch, Alison  14 Apr 1764Kirkwall and St Ola I2339
41 Ritch, Ann  8 Nov 1798Kirkwall and St Ola I782
42 Ritch, Donald  26 Sep 1720Kirkwall and St Ola I2344
43 Ritch, Isabel  23 Sep 1766Kirkwall and St Ola I2347
44 Ritch, John  4 Apr 1795Kirkwall and St Ola I2348
45 Ritch, Marg  1 May 1741Kirkwall and St Ola I2352
46 Ritch, Robina  13 Oct 1792Kirkwall and St Ola I2328
47 Ritch, William  30 Oct 1765Kirkwall and St Ola I2366
48 Ritch, William  24 Apr 1824Kirkwall and St Ola I501
49 Ritch, Willm  11 May 1739Kirkwall and St Ola I2337
50 Scarth, Agnes  18 Jun 1797Kirkwall and St Ola I11914

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Johan  1958Kirkwall and St Ola I19146
2 Bertram, Annabella  18 May 1887Kirkwall and St Ola I9855
3 Bertram, Donald Sutherland McLeod  1955Kirkwall and St Ola I9853
4 Bertram, George Bogg  10 Dec 1902Kirkwall and St Ola I9854
5 Bertram, William Harper  1940Kirkwall and St Ola I9851
6 Brass, Isabella  1936Kirkwall and St Ola I11800
7 Costie, Margaret Melville  1951Kirkwall and St Ola I10329
8 Craigie, Margaret Jane  1935Kirkwall and St Ola I731
9 Delday, Elizabeth Mary  21 Sep 1963Kirkwall and St Ola I4937
10 Eunson, Robert  1977Kirkwall and St Ola I435
11 Liddle, Peter  1957Kirkwall and St Ola I19575
12 Pirie, David Flett  1928Kirkwall and St Ola I10375
13 Pirie, Mary Jane  12 Apr 1917Kirkwall and St Ola I10581
14 Pirie, Mary Massie  1944Kirkwall and St Ola I10379
15 Pirie, Susan  1869Kirkwall and St Ola I10356
16 Robertson, Catherine Cumming  1887Kirkwall and St Ola I11798
17 Scarth, Agnes  1 Nov 1819Kirkwall and St Ola I11914
18 Scarth, Ann  1889Kirkwall and St Ola I11807
19 Scarth, Catherine Cumming  1884Kirkwall and St Ola I11841
20 Scarth, Elisabeth  3 Jan 1862Kirkwall and St Ola I11915
21 Scarth, Emily Mary  1941Kirkwall and St Ola I11848
22 Scarth, Jean  1893Kirkwall and St Ola I11808
23 Scarth, John  20 Dec 1881Kirkwall and St Ola I11806
24 Scarth, John  1918Kirkwall and St Ola I11839
25 Scarth, John Riddoch  5 Oct 1871Kirkwall and St Ola I11918
26 Scarth, Robert Brass  1953Kirkwall and St Ola I11886
27 Scarth, Thomas R  1882Kirkwall and St Ola I11787
28 Skea, Robert  24 Mar 1958Kirkwall and St Ola I4439
29 Sutherland, Mary Ann  1921Kirkwall and St Ola I9490
30 Tait, Jane Robertson  1932Kirkwall and St Ola I11849
31 Tait, Jessie  1933Kirkwall and St Ola I3790
32 Wishart, Sara Annie Petrie  14 May 1952Kirkwall and St Ola I4441


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnett / McDonald  13 Dec 1831Kirkwall and St Ola F1056
2 Bews / Dickson  20 Nov 1828Kirkwall and St Ola F8137
3 Chalmers / Scarth  5 Jun 1851Kirkwall and St Ola F4669
4 Clouston / Simpson  1942Kirkwall and St Ola F4290
5 Cooper / Delday  1892Kirkwall and St Ola F1889
6 Cutt / Delday  1893Kirkwall and St Ola F1856
7 Delday / Gunn  1915Kirkwall and St Ola F1870
8 Dunnet / Ritch  1932Kirkwall and St Ola F505
9 Flett / Nicholson  12 Dec 1853Kirkwall and St Ola F1024
10 Fotheringham / Miller  21 Aug 1847Kirkwall and St Ola F802
11 Harcus / Nicolson  1914Kirkwall and St Ola F8555
12 Hourie / Halcrow  11 Feb 1802Kirkwall and St Ola F234
13 Logie / Scarth  22 Mar 1814Kirkwall and St Ola F4687
14 Ritch / Hepburn  27 Dec 1814Kirkwall and St Ola F508
15 Ritch / Skea  28 Mar 1820Kirkwall and St Ola F122
16 Ritch / Skea  28 Mar 1820Kirkwall and St Ola F308
17 Roy / Delday  1929Kirkwall and St Ola F1948
18 Sabiston / Ritch  27 Aug 1813Kirkwall and St Ola F999
19 Scarth / Lendrum  11 Nov 1790Kirkwall and St Ola F4407
20 Seatter / King  30 Nov 1883Kirkwall and St Ola F3051
21 Sutherland / Delday  1898Kirkwall and St Ola F1835
22 Sutherland / Ritch  6 Sep 1860Kirkwall and St Ola F307
23 Sutherland / Sinclair  1955Kirkwall and St Ola F3977
24 Thorburn / Dass  1930Kirkwall and St Ola F2638
25 Wards / Ritch  1898Kirkwall and St Ola F115