WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Geelong, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dobbyn, Hida Ida  1886Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2712
2 Nicol, Margaret Hamilton  1870Geelong, Victoria, Australia I20249
3 Nicol, Mary Ellen  21 Mar 1868Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2727
4 Ritch, Ailsa Mary  25 Jun 1903Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3536
5 Ritch, Ann Spence  5 Jul 1857Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3114
6 Ritch, Charlotte Stewart  1 Nov 1858Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4763
7 Ritch, Donald Nicol  2 Aug 1905Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3533
8 Ritch, Elsie Lillian  4 Nov 1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3460
9 Ritch, Eveline  24 Oct 1865Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2917
10 Ritch, Eveline Grace  11 Apr 1870Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4592
11 Ritch, Isa Ellen  28 Apr 1860Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4638
12 Ritch, James Hamilton  22 Aug 1908Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2718
13 Ritch, James Spence  12 Apr 1864Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4631
14 Ritch, John  9 Apr 1868Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2921
15 Ritch, John Stewart  9 Aug 1899Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2729
16 Ritch, Kenneth Isaac  2 Aug 1905Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3531
17 Ritch, Margaret Henderson  1 Feb 1862Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3805
18 Ritch, Marjorie Spence  23 Aug 1901Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2730
19 Ritch, Peter Spence  11 Mar 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Margaret Login  1899Geelong, Victoria, Australia I16795
2 Callander, William Finlay  16 May 1930Geelong, Victoria, Australia I16799
3 Hourston, Ann  10 Oct 1855Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3459
4 Nicol, James  1918Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2728
5 Panizzon, Erina  2 Oct 2011Geelong, Victoria, Australia I20201
6 Panizzon, Gaetano  13 Oct 1961Geelong, Victoria, Australia I26799
7 Ritch, Ailsa Mary  9 Jul 1994Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3536
8 Ritch, Charles  1904Geelong, Victoria, Australia I9784
9 Ritch, Eveline  6 Dec 1866Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2917
10 Ritch, Kenneth Isaac  4 Sep 1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3531
11 Sabeston, Margaret Mary Login  13 Jun 1930Geelong, Victoria, Australia I16797
12 Sabeston, Robert  28 Dec 1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I16796
13 Sillett, Robert Dawson  26 May 2004Geelong, Victoria, Australia I9806
14 Stewart, Ellen  1922Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2723
15 Whitton, Jack Henry  14 Aug 1998Geelong, Victoria, Australia I18135


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ritch / Spence  16 Apr 1855Geelong, Victoria, Australia F73
2 Whitton / Strong  1886Geelong, Victoria, Australia F7498