WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Evie and Rendall



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Delday, Ann  16 Jun 1930Evie and Rendall I5019
2 Delday, Hamish Cooper  17 Nov 1933Evie and Rendall I5011
3 Firth, Ann  27 Jan 1853Evie and Rendall I8560
4 Ritch, George Russell  1888Evie and Rendall I2059
5 Ritch, Louisa Mary  1910Evie and Rendall I2397
6 Scarth, Ann Duguid  4 Jan 1805Evie and Rendall I12003
7 Scarth, David Pitcairn  11 Aug 1833Evie and Rendall I11882
8 Scarth, Ivy Evelyn  7 May 1902Evie and Rendall I12155
9 Scarth, James  8 Mar 1794Evie and Rendall I12004
10 Scarth, Jane  24 Nov 1830Evie and Rendall I11792
11 Scarth, Lydia  20 Jul 1822Evie and Rendall I11883
12 Scarth, Magnus  17 Oct 1799Evie and Rendall I11790
13 Scarth, Margaret  5 Oct 1788Evie and Rendall I12005
14 Scarth, Margaret  3 Sep 1818Evie and Rendall I11884
15 Scarth, Mary  27 Oct 1801Evie and Rendall I12006
16 Scarth, Mary  3 May 1825Evie and Rendall I11875
17 Scarth, Violet Winifred  1904Evie and Rendall I12152
18 Scarth, William  18 Mar 1790Evie and Rendall I12007
19 Seater, Jeremiah  23 Sep 1859Evie and Rendall I7910
20 Seatter, Alexander  14 Apr 1851Evie and Rendall I7176


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Delday, John  1948Evie and Rendall I4905
2 Delday, Peggy  1934Evie and Rendall I5055
3 Finn, Ann Mills Close or  1906Evie and Rendall I11837
4 Flett, Catherine  1913Evie and Rendall I11824
5 Inkster, Ann Elizabeth Laing  1908Evie and Rendall I11845
6 Irvine, Lydia  1863Evie and Rendall I11791
7 Scarth, Catherine  1940Evie and Rendall I11832
8 Scarth, Eliza  1943Evie and Rendall I11815
9 Scarth, George  1936Evie and Rendall I11826
10 Scarth, James  1869Evie and Rendall I12004
11 Scarth, James  1913Evie and Rendall I11836
12 Scarth, James  1949Evie and Rendall I11827
13 Scarth, Jane Flett  1875Evie and Rendall I11833
14 Scarth, Malcolm  1914Evie and Rendall I11823
15 Scarth, Margaret  1895Evie and Rendall I11831
16 Scarth, Margaret  1904Evie and Rendall I11884
17 Scarth, Mary  1878Evie and Rendall I12006
18 Scarth, Violet Winifred  1940Evie and Rendall I12152


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Garson / Yorston  17 Jan 1772Evie and Rendall F2003
2 Gibson / Scarth  1928Evie and Rendall F4768
3 Johnston / Ritch  16 Feb 1905Evie and Rendall F525
4 Marwick / Scarth  20 Mar 1821Evie and Rendall F4797
5 Moodie / Scarth  8 Dec 1848Evie and Rendall F4668
6 Ritch / Hutchison  19 Dec 1872Evie and Rendall F137
7 Scarth / Irvine  15 May 1818Evie and Rendall F4619
8 Wood / Scarth  7 Aug 1829Evie and Rendall F4796
9 Wood / Scarth  1887Evie and Rendall F4616