WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Dubbo, NSW



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whitton, Ada May  4 Jul 1884Dubbo, NSW I20494
2 Whitton, Allen Thomas  2 Mar 1918Dubbo, NSW I22928
3 Whitton, Arthur  8 Jul 1889Dubbo, NSW I20437
4 Whitton, Clarence Albert  1926Dubbo, NSW I20599
5 Whitton, Clarence Francis  28 Oct 1918Dubbo, NSW I22488
6 Whitton, Douglas Ivo  27 Sep 1929Dubbo, NSW I30910
7 Whitton, Edward Irving  Abt 1915Dubbo, NSW I24896
8 Whitton, George William  1880Dubbo, NSW I20508
9 Whitton, Henry Arthur  5 Aug 1910Dubbo, NSW I22953
10 Whitton, Jessie Margaret  1886Dubbo, NSW I20504
11 Whitton, John  8 Jul 1878Dubbo, NSW I20502
12 Whitton, John Henry  17 Sep 1885Dubbo, NSW I20436
13 Whitton, John Henry  16 Oct 1916Dubbo, NSW I22487
14 Whitton, Keith Joseph  22 Mar 1922Dubbo, NSW I22489
15 Whitton, Mary Maud  21 Dec 1880Dubbo, NSW I20434
16 Whitton, Minnie  1888Dubbo, NSW I20505
17 Whitton, Norman William  25 Oct 1922Dubbo, NSW I22946
18 Whitton, Roy Samuel  11 Jul 1911Dubbo, NSW I20512
19 Whitton, Thelma Mary  24 Jan 1924Dubbo, NSW I22490
20 Whitton, Thomas  3 Aug 1882Dubbo, NSW I20435
21 Whitton, William  8 Feb 1875Dubbo, NSW I20500
22 Whitton, William John  28 Oct 1906Dubbo, NSW I22485
23 Yeo, Cyril Kenneth  1891Dubbo, NSW I23952
24 Yeo, Edith Sarah  1886Dubbo, NSW I23959
25 Yeo, Elizabeth M A  1875Dubbo, NSW I23947
26 Yeo, Ellen E  1892Dubbo, NSW I23960
27 Yeo, Eva  1891Dubbo, NSW I23961
28 Yeo, Frederick H  1890Dubbo, NSW I23962
29 Yeo, George William  1878Dubbo, NSW I23949
30 Yeo, Henry Arthur  1882Dubbo, NSW I23963
31 Yeo, James Bydown  1874Dubbo, NSW I23964
32 Yeo, James Henry  1880Dubbo, NSW I23953
33 Yeo, John William  1878Dubbo, NSW I23965
34 Yeo, Joseph Charles  23 Mar 1884Dubbo, NSW I23966
35 Yeo, Michael James  1881Dubbo, NSW I23950
36 Yeo, Minnie Margaret  1888Dubbo, NSW I23967
37 Yeo, Sarah Hannah  1876Dubbo, NSW I23948
38 Yeo, Thomas Whitton  1879Dubbo, NSW I23954


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 A'Court, Nathanial  1944Dubbo, NSW I30906
2 Clarkson, Alma Marie  25 Jun 1985Dubbo, NSW I28296
3 Whitton, David Clyde  20 Oct 1949Dubbo, NSW I38322
4 Whitton, Joseph Peter  7 Feb 1950Dubbo, NSW I38323
5 Whitton, Lydia W  1892Dubbo, NSW I23946
6 Whitton, Rupert Clyde  11 May 1994Dubbo, NSW I20598
7 Whitton, William  11 Jan 1877Dubbo, NSW I20500
8 Whitton, William Henry  17 May 2014Dubbo, NSW I23736
9 Yeo, George  1908Dubbo, NSW I23945


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 A'Court / Whitton  1897Dubbo, NSW F11698
2 Whitton / Castles  1921Dubbo, NSW F7680