WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Burray, Orkney



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Sinclair  1840Burray, Orkney I10932
2 Banks, Elizabeth  1879Burray, Orkney I10923
3 Bichan, William  1858Burray, Orkney I1095
4 Guthrie, Christina  Abt 1890Burray, Orkney I9653
5 Heddle, Jessie  1836Burray, Orkney I10908
6 Laird, Jessie  29 Oct 1854Burray, Orkney I10913
7 Laird, Mary Ann  1859Burray, Orkney I10887
8 Matheson, Hugh  1874Burray, Orkney I11096
9 Matheson, Jannet S  1880Burray, Orkney I11097
10 Park, Alex McLeod  1879Burray, Orkney I10951
11 Park, Barbara  1823Burray, Orkney I10942
12 Park, Barbara  1878Burray, Orkney I10950
13 Park, Barbara Dundas  1872Burray, Orkney I10938
14 Park, Betty  1810Burray, Orkney I11080
15 Park, Daniel  1862Burray, Orkney I10910
16 Park, Elizabeth J  1862Burray, Orkney I10862
17 Park, Esther  1820Burray, Orkney I11079
18 Park, George  1829Burray, Orkney I10943
19 Park, Isaac  23 Jul 1832Burray, Orkney I10899
20 Park, Isabella Work  6 Oct 1864Burray, Orkney I10863
21 Park, James  1825Burray, Orkney I10857
22 Park, James  1857Burray, Orkney I10909
23 Park, James Anderson  18 Sep 1871Burray, Orkney I10935
24 Park, Jane  1837Burray, Orkney I10944
25 Park, John  1817Burray, Orkney I10907
26 Park, John  1822Burray, Orkney I10941
27 Park, John  1880Burray, Orkney I10936
28 Park, John Robert  1876Burray, Orkney I10927
29 Park, Margaret  8 Aug 1852Burray, Orkney I11050
30 Park, Mary  1879Burray, Orkney I10928
31 Park, Matthew  1840Burray, Orkney I10931
32 Park, Peter  15 Jul 1871Burray, Orkney I10926
33 Park, Robert  1791Burray, Orkney I10929
34 Park, Robert  1820Burray, Orkney I10873
35 Park, Robert  1880Burray, Orkney I10937
36 Park, Robert Smith Paterson  1859Burray, Orkney I10886
37 Park, William  1814Burray, Orkney I10917
38 Park, William  1827Burray, Orkney I10948
39 Park, William  2 Sep 1830Burray, Orkney I10867
40 Park, William  24 Jul 1844Burray, Orkney I10912
41 Park, William  23 Jul 1845Burray, Orkney I10911
42 Park, William  1861Burray, Orkney I10940
43 Park, William  27 Oct 1869Burray, Orkney I10925
44 Park, William Dundass  1880Burray, Orkney I10952
45 Petrie, Ann S  1859Burray, Orkney I10956
46 Rosie, Donald  23 Apr 1893Burray, Orkney I11072
47 Rosie, James Greig  Apr 1895Burray, Orkney I11073
48 Ross, Elizabeth  1845Burray, Orkney I1094
49 Sinclair, Elizabeth  1877Burray, Orkney I10882
50 Wooldridge, Robert Park  24 Jan 1862Burray, Orkney I10947


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dass, Barabara  Burray, Orkney I10930
2 MacKay, Barbara  1897Burray, Orkney I10918
3 Park, Isaac  6 Jun 1902Burray, Orkney I10899
4 Park, Mary Ann  1867Burray, Orkney I11011
5 Park, Robert  Burray, Orkney I10929
6 Park, William  1889Burray, Orkney I10917


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Park / Dass  Abt 1820Burray, Orkney F4220