WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chalmers, Robina Fiddler  1996Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I3956
2 Clouston, James  7 Nov 2004Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I18120
3 Clouston, Thomas  9 Aug 2003Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I18125
4 Cumming, Bella Jane  7 Jan 1964Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I21047
5 Cursiter, Anne Jane  27 Mar 1977Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I8495
6 Delday, Harald  1946Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I5046
7 Dickie, Hester Victoria Wilma  24 Sep 1977Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I11864
8 Firth, John Spence  12 Aug 1993Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I8720
9 Flett, Elizabeth  15 Jan 1986Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I8618
10 Gilbertson, Elizabeth Kirsten Louise Susan  27 Mar 2007Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I17696
11 Gray, John  6 Mar 1999Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I19163
12 Harvey, Mary  25 Oct 1952Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I1939
13 Johnston, Alexander  9 Oct 1940Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I2711
14 Johnston, Violet  23 Apr 1997Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I2939
15 Ritch, Jemima Jane  5 Jul 1953Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I859
16 Ritch, Mary Jane Sutherland  8 Apr 1949Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I1386
17 Sabiston, Elizabeth Sutherland  29 Mar 1946Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I15500
18 Scarth, Annie Johnston  1978Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I12281
19 Scarth, Catherine Anne  24 Aug 1975Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I11821
20 Scarth, George Robertson Tait  14 Jun 1997Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I12263
21 Scarth, James Tait  20 Jun 1985Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I11850
22 Scarth, Jane Seatter  2 Mar 1936Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I11814
23 Scarth, Margaret Eleanor Balfour Robertson  21 Jul 2002Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I12261
24 Smith, Robert  24 Jun 1975Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I2868
25 Stanger, Jessie Johnston  28 Apr 1969Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I12267
26 Sutherland, Mary  29 Mar 1934Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I9085
27 Sutherland, Robert Leslie  12 Aug 2010Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I18641
28 Wylie, Maggie Bella  17 Nov 1960Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall I5033