WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Alva, Clackmannan



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brember, Albert  25 Apr 1893Alva, Clackmannan I13978
2 Brember, Albert Martin  1892Alva, Clackmannan I13976
3 Brember, Andrew  18 Apr 1867Alva, Clackmannan I13932
4 Brember, Ann  1860Alva, Clackmannan I13931
5 Brember, Christina  10 Nov 1861Alva, Clackmannan I13897
6 Brember, Duncan  1825Alva, Clackmannan I14027
7 Brember, Duncan  1878Alva, Clackmannan I13908
8 Brember, Francis  1881Alva, Clackmannan I13905
9 Brember, Helen  1856Alva, Clackmannan I13911
10 Brember, Isabella  1846Alva, Clackmannan I13929
11 Brember, Janet  15 Apr 1864Alva, Clackmannan I13896
12 Brember, Jean  1844Alva, Clackmannan I13933
13 Brember, John  1855Alva, Clackmannan I4758
14 Brember, Margaret  5 Jun 1815Alva, Clackmannan I14054
15 Brember, Margaret  1851Alva, Clackmannan I13927
16 Brember, Mary  1848Alva, Clackmannan I13928
17 Brember, Mary Ann Stein  1851Alva, Clackmannan I13913
18 Brember, Stanley  1899Alva, Clackmannan I14158
19 Brember, William  1819Alva, Clackmannan I14055
20 Brember, William  1865Alva, Clackmannan I13934
21 Brember, William A W  1935Alva, Clackmannan I14183
22 Brember, William David Young  1898Alva, Clackmannan I13981
23 Dawson, Agnes  8 Mar 1856Alva, Clackmannan I14101
24 Dawson, Helen  19 Jul 1860Alva, Clackmannan I14103
25 Dawson, Isabella  5 Oct 1857Alva, Clackmannan I14102
26 Dawson, Robert  1840Alva, Clackmannan I14099
27 Dickson, David  31 Dec 1870Alva, Clackmannan I14128
28 Masterton, Isabella  17 Jul 1870Alva, Clackmannan I13991
29 Masterton, John  17 Sep 1868Alva, Clackmannan I13990
30 Wright, Janet  1864Alva, Clackmannan I4759


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brember, Albert  25 Nov 1986Alva, Clackmannan I14178
2 Brember, Francis  1902Alva, Clackmannan I13905
3 Brember, Isabella  6 Jan 1892Alva, Clackmannan I14028
4 Brember, Stanley  10 Oct 1899Alva, Clackmannan I14158
5 Brember, William  1878Alva, Clackmannan I14055
6 Brember, William  13 Jul 1939Alva, Clackmannan I13934
7 Houston, Janet  1865Alva, Clackmannan I13973
8 Morrison, Isabella  1886Alva, Clackmannan I13930
9 Taylor, Marjory Vicars  21 Jun 1954Alva, Clackmannan I14133