Genealogy and single surname studies for Whitton and Ritch of Scotland
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Other Ritch and name variant Families

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Last NameFirst NameBirth DateBirth PlaceView
Gundy Edward McKay     View data for Edward McKay Gundy
Gundy Henry Pearson     View data for Henry Pearson Gundy
Gundy Hiram Henry Wentworth     View data for Hiram Henry Wentworth Gundy
Gundy Julia Grace     View data for Julia Grace Gundy
Gundy Mary Elizabeth Fotheringham     View data for Mary Elizabeth Fotheringham Gundy
Gundy William Thomas     View data for William Thomas Gundy

Should you discover any information of interest you are *strongly* advised to verify it by checking the details against the original source. Despite every effort having been channelled into attempting to faithfully transcribe each entry the names of some individuals and place names will inevitably have been incorrectly transcribed. Also bear in mind the fact that Christian names and surnames may have been mis-spelt by those who originally entered the information.
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