WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Family: William Linklater Ritch / Mary Elizabeth Sutherland (F49)

m. 13 Jul 1905

Family Chart 

George Robert RitchGeorge Robert Ritch
Male (1835-1917)
Mary SinclairMary Sinclair
Female (1837-1929)
James RitchJames Ritch
Male (1864-1948)
Georgina RitchGeorgina Ritch
Female (1866-1879)
George Robert RitchGeorge Robert Ritch
Male (1867-1945)
Charles RitchCharles Ritch
Male (1868-1949)
John Sinclair RitchJohn Sinclair Ritch
Male (1870-1893)
Isaac RitchIsaac Ritch
Male (1873-1896)
Janet Ann RitchJanet Ann Ritch
Female (1874-1955)
Magnus RitchMagnus Ritch
Male (1877-1956)
Eliza Sinclair RitchEliza Sinclair Ritch
Female (1879-1886)
Hugh Linklater RitchHugh Linklater Ritch
Male (1880-1965)
Robert Sinclair RitchRobert Sinclair Ritch
Male (1884-1977)
Samuel SutherlandSamuel Sutherland
Male (1848-1920)
Mary Sinclair LyonMary Sinclair Lyon
Female (1854-1933)
Henrietta SutherlandHenrietta Sutherland
Female (1882-1962)
Samuel SutherlandSamuel Sutherland
Male (1886-1949)
Agnes Lyon SutherlandAgnes Lyon Sutherland
Female (1891-1943)
Clara SutherlandClara Sutherland
Female (1893-1964)
Jane Ann SutherlandJane Ann Sutherland
Female (1893-1955)
James SutherlandJames Sutherland
Male (1894-1954)
Betsy SutherlandBetsy Sutherland
Female (1896-1965)
Catherene Mary RitchCatherene Mary Ritch
Female (1906-1992)
George William RitchGeorge William Ritch
Male (1909-1979)
Elsie Maud RitchElsie Maud Ritch
Female (1919-1996)