WHITTON and RITCH -Surname Studies and people from the Island of GRAEMSAY, Orkney

Family: John Jefferson Whitton / Sarah Ann Daugherty (F9917)

Family Chart 

John B WhittonJohn B Whitton
Male (1805-1889)
Robert P WhittonRobert P Whitton
Male (1840-1918)
Jane WhittonJane Whitton
Female (1832- )
George W WhittonGeorge W Whitton
Male (1837- )
Sarah WhittonSarah Whitton
Female (1839- )
Henry C WhittonHenry C Whitton
Male (1843-1853)
Susanah A WhittonSusanah A Whitton
Female (1845-1853)
Celia Ellen WhittonCelia Ellen Whitton
Female (1849-1944)
Millard WhittonMillard Whitton
Male (1853-1900)
Sarah Ann DaughertySarah Ann Daugherty
Female (1844-1921)
William Louis WhittonWilliam Louis Whitton
Male (1867-1915)
Mary Eva WhittonMary Eva Whitton
Female (1859- )
James F WhittonJames F Whitton
Male (1861- )
Robert M C WhittonRobert M C Whitton
Male (1863-1937)
Lucy Jane WhittonLucy Jane Whitton
Female (1868-1903)
Jasper N WhittonJasper N Whitton
Male (1871-1955)
Elvina WhittonElvina Whitton
Female (1873-1880)
Martha J WhittonMartha J Whitton
Female (1875-1880)
Perly A WhittonPerly A Whitton
Female (1877-1880)
Isabel WhittonIsabel Whitton
Female (1879-1967)
Eva D WhittonEva D Whitton
Female (1881-1959)
Jasper N WhittonJasper N Whitton
Male (1871-1955)