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28951 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Ann remarried 29 April to Alex Corrigal so Magnus Harvey would have died
Harvey, Magnus (I4478)
28952 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Approximate dob 
Garson, Catherine (I4400)
28953 [Garson Family History.FTW]

at 1841 census at "Kirk House", Hoy a Knitter

Marriage date from info from Richard Johnston, Guelph. Have to recheck birth date as she would have been 53 when Harriet was christened.
There is an IGI entry for Marjorie Bews born to Thomas Bews & Janet Slater on 20 Oct 1773 in Kirkwall St Ola, no other entry near this date. This birth date would make Harriet born when she was 45.
[File from Robert Ewan.FTW]

Garson Family History.FTW]at 1841 census at "Kirk House", Hoy a KnitterMarriage date from info from Richard Johnston, Guelph. Have torecheck birth date as she would have been 53 when Harriet waschristened.There is an IGI entry for Marjorie Bews born to Thomas Bews &Janet Slater on 20 Oct 1773 in Kirkwall St Ola, no other entrynear this date. This birth date would make Harriet born when shewas 45. 
Bews, Marjorie Maud (I4081)
28954 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At ?Queer (difficult handwriting) in 1861 Birsay census
Garson, Magnus (I5058)
28955 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Fidge in 1821 census, age24 
Garson, Margaret (I4402)
28956 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Hermisgarth 1841 and 1851 Censuses. Farmer of 11 acres and 15 waste land. Employs one servant. 
Sinclair, David (I4195)
28957 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Lower Cursiter (26 acre farm) Firth and Stenness in 1861 census. At Cuminess (95 acre farm) Stenness in 1871 census.
at 1881 census atFeval, Sandwick a Farmer of 172 acres 90 arable, with 8 chidren
Donald, Mary, Charles, James,William,Margaret,Ann,Barbara all unmarried 
Swanson, Charles (I4600)
28958 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Lyrequina in 1841, Lower Canada in 1851. Gravestone Sandwick 
Stanger, John (I4136)
28959 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Mire, Sandwick in 1821 census. There is a George d 1893 age 75 in Origins. I also have gravestone for George d 11 Jul 1893. 
Garson, George (I4566)
28960 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Montreal Birsay in 1851 census. 
Garson, Margaret Ann (I5136)
28961 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Montreal in 1861 Birsay census age 11. 
Garson, Catherine (I5161)
28962 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At one year of age he emigrated with his parents to St Catherines in
Ontario. (1857) . .The town of Garson, previously Lyall, Manitoba was named after him where he was best known as a contractor and a founder and developer of limestone quarries. He was also involved in city and provincial politics
and became a Liberal-Labour member of the Ontario Goverment, for Lincoln, 1887-1890, at the ageof 31. The town of Garson Ontario was also named after him in 1907.
He was considered quite a wit and his numerous speeches were
widely quoted. He was also attacked by the Press. One quote-- "One hour
of his time (Garson's), he informs the public , is as valuable as ten
hours of somebody elses time " (the reference being presumably to the
Mayor). "This leaves Mr. Garson free to spend the other nine hours on the
street corners and elsewhere gasconading." (See on file the History of
Western Canada, the Garson Family). 
Garson, William Corston Watt (I4558)
28963 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At sea. 
Garson, Magnus (I4523)
28964 [Garson Family History.FTW]

At Westshore in 1881. 
Stanger, Robina Mainland Spence (I4318)
28965 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Banns Church of Scotland. Married by William Logie, Minister of Firth & Stenness. Witnesses John Smith & Hugh Millar. 
Family F806
28966 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Banns read in both parishes. 
Family F1700
28967 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Baptised 11 Dec 1796 
Dearness, Thomas (I4116)
28968 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Baptised 21 Jun 1799 
Dearness, Margaret (I4119)
28969 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Birth and christening same day, witnesses John & Margaret Skea. Death
info from a gravestone in St Magnus Kirkyard. Age at death not given. 
Muir, John (I4020)
28970 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Birth and death from gravestone. Death also from GRO, registered by grand- daughter Georgina Nicolson.

at 1851 census at "Bunowstoun?" Walls and Flotta

in 1891 census at Skepster, Walls and Flotta 
Rich, Helen McCaulay (I3771)
28971 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4001)
28972 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Born at Cairnnfechal near Udny. Then lived at Tillyeve, Old Craig, Denend
and Braehead near Whitecairns. Bought his own farm, Burnside about 1940
and emigrated to Canada about 1948. He worked on a farm at Bronte Ont
for a short period of time and then moved to Ford of Canada at Oakville
where he worked until retirement in 1976. he developed Alzheimer,s Disease around 1996 and died after developing influenza, in a nursing home in Oakville 12/12/1998. 
Anderson, David Scott (I4415)
28973 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Born at Fea but birth certificate shows father Andrew residing at Biggings. 
Garson, Lizzie (I4106)
28974 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Born in Sweden as Karl Oskar Olofson. Changed his name to Oscar Newland
when he came to the USA. His home farm was called "Nyland".He purchased
the David Sinclair farm in 1921 
Newland, Oscar (I3808)
28975 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Born prematurely during a hurricane in Orkney. He developed convulsions
and was admitted eventually to Sick Children's Hospital Aberdeen where
he died. Possibly buried at Udny Green Aberdeenshire.
Garson, Andrew (I3769)
28976 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Brother of Jessie Jane Swanson, father of Peg Swanson who is mother of
Eric Auld (Aberdeen Artist). 
Swanson, William (I3838)
28977 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Came to Webb Sask. Canada with his parents in 1909. Farmed with his
parents until 1927.Then in1934 he established his own farm. 
Fiddler, William (I3689)
28978 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Captain of one of the St Olas in the 70's 
Stevenson (I3851)
28979 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Cathcart Settler,
nlisted 11-11-1917 at Regina address 13th St No 1345 Prince Albert Sask a dafaulter apprehended July 8 1918 wife louisa 
MacDonald, Lachlan Donald (I4771)
28980 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Census 1821 for Upper Quoys gives age 40. I have gravestone photo. 
Hourston, Margaret (I4333)
28981 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Census shows in Lyrequina in 1841.
One of the Stangers who joined the Hudson Bay Company in 1862. They had 12 children who survived to adulthood; were given a parcel of land, possibly around Paris, Ontario.
With HBC was a labourer 1862-1866 at Lac La Pluie. 1866-1867 labourer at York. 1867 "Retired to Red River Settlement". Granted 25 acres of land in RRS on completion of contract but does not appear in 1870 Red River Census. 
Stanger, James (I4138)
28982 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Mowatt, Margaret (I3973)
28983 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Christened 16 Jul 1843
From "The Orkney Crofters" 1888
Property of Capt Cottigall & Mrs Bruce.
Samuel Anderson,Point paid 5 pounds of rent and was 6 pounds 10
shillings in arrears. He held 14 acres arable and 3 of outrun. When his
grandfather*entered the place in 1813 there was no arable land and no
house. His grandfather built the house and all that was on the place
now had been put there by his grandfather, father and himself without
any assistance from the proprietor. From 1813 to1832 his grandfather held
the place rent free. The rent was then 4 pounds till 1872 when Capt
Corrigal raised it to 5 pounds. Cross examined.--The
witness said he was a fisherman,and had made a good fishing at Stromness
this year. He had got 800 crans of herring, but he had not got the money
yet, and might not get any. Mr Thomson explained that during recent
years the experience was that fishermen were ruined by the failure of
the fish curers. Chairman.(to witness).--What engagement had you with
the curers this year? Answer.--15 to 12 shillings a cran for fish
delivered. Mr Thomson.--He only had a 1/3 share of the boat. Mr
Brown put a few more questions but the chairmen thought they had heard
enough on the subject. Decision.---The rent was reduced from 5 pounds
to 4 pounds. Of the 6 pounds 10 shillings of arrears, 1 pound 10
shillings were cancelled, and the balance of 5 pounds ordered to be paid
in two instalments of 2 pounds 10 shillings.
*Alexander Anderson 
Anderson, Samuel (I3547)
28984 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Christened on 30 Aug 1846 by Rev William Anderson I should also look at a
Margaret Nicolson b 19 Nov 1849 to Ralph Nicolson & Helen Rich. Mrs
Clubb 1897-1986 was a relative through the Andersons to me. Mrs Clubb's
mother was Isabella Nicolson b1858 and her grandparents were Above Ralph
& Helen.
Kirkpatrick FT shows birth date of 30 Aug 1846

at 1851 census at "Bunowstoun?" Walls and Flotta 
Nicolson, Margaret (I3879)
28985 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Christening date was 13 Jan 1799 
Dearness, Jannet (I4118)
28986 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Church of Scotland, witnesses Peter Garson & William Brough. 
Family F2142
28987 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2011
28988 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3890)
28989 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Family F2051
28990 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Cousins before marriage. 
Garson, George (I4564)
28991 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Data re family is derived from gravestone source.

at 1881 census at Whitehall, Lady an Agricultural Labourer with wife and family

"Information provided to Rootsweb by Catriona Groat groat@btinternet.com 17-9-2000 in response to a query by a Norman Douglas Nicol ndnicol@epix.net. Original information provided by George Fotheringhame b Jan 1924 who had most information from living memeory. This was checked by catriona from IGI and Sanday census" 1-1-2001 
Fotheringhame, George (I4206)
28992 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Date of death from a letter. In Pow in 1821 census. 
Garson, Catherine (I4511)
28993 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Dead before 1821 
Corrigall, Alex (I4482)
28994 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Dead before 1821 
Irvine, John (I4439)
28995 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Dead before 1821 census. 
Garson, John (I4387)
28996 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Death certified by Arth Emlyn LRCP LRC Flotta, Longhope. Reg by son George Kirkpatrick. 
Cromarty, Williamina (I4765)
28997 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Death from a gravestone ? Stenness Kirk 
Garson, Nicol (I3882)
28998 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Death from a gravestone in old Birsay Kirkyard date not too clear ?
1892. Parish record gives date of death as 6 Dec 1892. Informant William
Scott son. Marriage by Dr Trail, minister for Birsay & Harray Witnesses
Catherine Garson, Fidge, Skebra & John Linklater Howan, Birsay. 
Linklater, Anne (I4414)
28999 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Death record from OPR Walls. Widower of Madie Heddle Parents given as
Alexander Anderson and Elspet Cromartie. Death registered by son John Anderson. In 1871 census was living with his son John Anderson at Heckness. In 1871 census there is a Benjamin Groat in house age 9 listed as a grandson. Probably an error and likely the son of William and Jessie Groat (neighbours). 
Anderson, James (I3801)
29000 [Garson Family History.FTW]

Death registered by andrew Foubister son-in-law. I have a photo of Gravestone 
Garson, Thomas (I5079)

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